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Smilies are small graphics which represent emotions. If you sometimes chat, you probably know the concept. Some standard codes or strings are automatically converted into smilies. If you turn your head on the side and use your imagination, you can probably recognize little faces.

Here is a list of the Smilies available in this forum:

Name/Meaning Code Graphic
Red Face :O Red Face
oh my god :omg oh my god
mmh :mmh: mmh
Tongue :-p Tongue
Gaga :gaga: Gaga
Keks? :keks: Keks?
Victory :vv: Victory
Ich bin der King :king: Ich bin der King
Daumen hoch :tu: Daumen hoch
Tongue :tongue: Tongue
Evil :evil: Evil
Baby :baby: Baby
Roll Eyes :rolleyes: Roll Eyes
Tongue :P Tongue
Big Grin :D Big Grin
Confused ?( Confused
Cool 8) Cool
Crying ;( Crying
Shocked 8o Shocked
Pleased :] Pleased
Frown :( Frown
Wink ;) Wink
Smile :) Smile
Mad X( Mad
Happy :)) Happy
böser Mod :bm: böser Mod
aufs Maul? :aufsmaul: aufs Maul?
Nordlichter :besoffen: Nordlichter
Geschlossenes Thema :closed: Geschlossenes Thema
LOL :lool: LOL
Fick Dich :fuckgrin: Fick Dich
Selbstmord :suicide: Selbstmord
Heul doch :hd: Heul doch
Ironie :ironie: Ironie
motzen :motz: motzen
LOL :lol: LOL
frech :frech: frech
Headbanger :headbang: Headbanger
Techno :techno: Techno
Kotz! :kotz: Kotz!
Kotz! :kotzen: Kotz!
Fucking Bananas :fucking: Fucking Bananas
Spassbremse :spassbremse: Spassbremse
wegrenn :aaa: wegrenn
Teufel :devil: Teufel
Trost :trost: Trost
If you don't want smilies in a post, check the 'Deactivate Smilies' box when posting. Then ;) will stay as it is and not be converted.
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